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What do you get when you try to cross Uncharted, The Rocketeer and The Twilight Zone? Well, you could get Dark Void which is a 3rd-person action adventure set in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

Playing as tough wise-guy pilot Will, your plane goes down over the afore-mentioned odd area and you get sucked into the Void where you must fight lots of mechanical creatures that also seem to have slugs living in them when you shoot them in the head.

When not flying around in your jet-pack the game’s a pretty standard shooter. You stop and pop your shots from cover, lob grenades at your enemies and move forward until you get to the next bit of story. The game does try to be different, however, with a vertical cover system. You can jump down ledges and hang off them and shoot the robotic Watchers from above or below. What’s weird is that the whole perspective of the game changes and you feel very disorientated and even a bit motion-sick at first. The whole movement of Will in these sections also feels more ridged than it does when he’s standing normally – even running about and jumping on foot doesn’t feel quite right.

Not long into the game you also get a jet-pack which you can use to help you jump and hover round the environment, and you can fly even further in full-blown dogfighting levels. Occasionally it can feel fun when you’re zooming about the skies but most of the time it just feels a little bit stiff and like you’re playing an inferior version of Crimson Skies.

There are some cool alien weapons to find in the game and there are some highlights to be had but unfortunately the majority of the game just feels unfinished and strangely, at least on the Xbox, like it’s been ported from the PC. The presentation in the menus is weak, the music jumps like it hasn’t been looped properly and textures can be seen overlapping on floors and walls.

Dark Void isn’t a terrible game, but it’s just not worth playing if you already own some of the killer games that came out last year. It’s just average so it gets a straight down the middle 5 out of 10.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Hmm it did feel abit unfinished on the consoles, does this mean its any better on the PC?