Baby Pals review

I went to an event for the new Baby Pals game from THQ last night. While I was there I also got a massage and had my nails done (really, they were horrid and now look very nice).

Anyway, it’s best to describe the game as the equivalent of Nintendogs, or Dogz, Catz or Babiez or whatever they’ll come up with next. Basically, you choose how your baby looks by choosing how big its head is, skin tone and eye colour and then you give it a name. Of course, being 31 and not a girl under 10 I thought I’d try to have a bit of fun and call my baby Satan. Unfortunately there wasn’t an option to give it red eyes.

Once your baby is ‘born’ you then have to look after it by feeding it, changing its nappy and helping it go off to sleep via a number of mini games using the touch screen. I also gave my baby a bath but got too much soap on its face and it didn’t like it. I hope kids won’t use this game as a guide to really bringing up a child or I can see lots of kids being blinded before they’re one year old with small styluses. Personally, I find it all a bit creepy.

But seriously, this game wasn’t made for me and this game will definitely appear to girls under 10. It’s like having a virtual doll in a DS without having real dolls lying around the house wetting themselves, babbling and vomiting or whatever they can do now. Highly recommended if your little one wants to play at being a Mum before she thinks all that stuff’s gross.

Baby Pals review

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4 Responses

  1. tabby says:

    this game sounds so cool that i wish it would come to canada by augest cause i have the game imagne babyz and it is so dull because the parents say so many negative things when the pick it up!!

  2. tabby says:

    the graphics seem better than imagne babyz

  3. a girl says:

    This game is awesome!! It really helped me with my real-life babysitting job. I am fourteen and I highly reccomend it to other girls my age, and it is much better than Imagine Babies!

  4. Kylee says:

    I have this game but i just need to by the DS i thought the game sounded so cool im 14 and it sounds awesome