Baby Life DS

Yet another Baby Simulator heads to Nintendo DS later this year, so if you’re the type of gamer who has always wanted a virtual baby or you have a teenage daughter and want to get the safe sex message home then this game could be just the ticket. With Baby Life for DS you get to skip the messy aspect of procreation and can build your own perfect 9 month old baby from various attributes with over 3 million possibilities, so don’t worry about creating a baby that looks the same as your other Baby Life playing friends.

Your task is to help your very realistic baby to grow up from 9 to 15 months – there are more than 100 items of clothing for your baby to wear too. If all that nappy changing hasn’t put you off, then why not head into the Babysitting mode where you can look after up to four children at once!

Baby Life DS

Baby Life, DS

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