DSi region unlocked

It’s emerged that the new Nintendo DSi will be region-locked, meaning there’s not much point getting one early from Japan unless you want to play Japanese games on it. Older DS games will work from different regions though, so if you’re looking for a smaller machine with bigger screens to play your games on, go ahead.

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DSi region unlocked pics

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3 Responses

  1. ayonman says:

    if dsi is area locked then can you unlock it? or if you get r4i can you download games and would it work?

  2. Victor says:

    i region unlocked my dsi using a SUPER R4i and now i can play games from america. my dsi is TWL-001(EUR)

  3. Jean says:


    I am new to this but I made the mistake of purchasing a DSI from Europe. I live in Canada and can’t purchase any games here.

    What is a SUPER4i and where do I get one?
    Will I be able to play games purchased in North America?