Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Wii event

Recently we asked Pro Evolution Soccer fans for questions to pose to the team behind Pro Evolution Soccer and last Thursday I met up with them for some answers.

Lewis Paul asked:
i think that you should add more leagues to the game i.e. portuguese and scottish leagues, and are you going to attempt to get the bundesliga back?

PES team:
We are constantly looking to expand the number of official clubs and leagues in PES. We have a team of licence specialists who are currently working hard for the forthcoming PES, and we hope to detail new additions to the rosters in the coming months.

Jason Young asked:
Please ask them how PES 2008 was an absolute disgrace to modern day gaming and that it was also one of the biggest PR disaster i have ever seen – How do you bounce back from that, what do you have up your sleeve? I loved Pro evo but right now Fifa rules!!!!

PES team:
We’re sorry that you feel let-down by PES. We value our audience hugely, and are constantly striving to build upon the series reputation as the most realistic football title for any format. It is too early for us to detail out plans for the next game, as the team are all hands to the pump working on key new additions.

Raul asked:
Will PES 2009 have LAN support? and will the whole on-line mode be worked on so there is less lag?

PES team:
It’s a bit early to detail what will and won’t be in the next PES, sadly. All will be revealed in the coming months…

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9 Responses

  1. james says:

    shld of asked him about getting rid of all the league so we can have just the spanish itlaian and english leagues. + shld of asked about the gameplay stuff like shooting needs to be better,graphics better,make adriano tackleable and make off the pitch stuff like season tickets, fans happyness,merchandising etc and have real money

  2. Youssef Byjaouane says:

    I can’t belive that Morocco is not on the game, they have many good players like Marouane Chamakh, Tarek Sektaoui, Abdeslam Ouaddou etc.. I want them back, please bring Morocco back to the next game!

  3. Robin Stenström says:

    @Youssef: Never heard of any of those players.

  4. Youssef Byjaouane says:

    Marouane Chamakh (Bordeux), Tarek Sektaoui (Porto), Moha (Espanyol), Ouaddou (Shouchoux), Mbarek Boussoufa (Anderlecht), etc…. Morocco won over Belgium with 4-1 , Morocco is better than many national teams on PES, Tunisia, Guinea, the whole Asia, Rumania, Serbia, ETC…

  5. Bob says:

    @Youssef: Never heard of any of those players either. Who is bothered about morroccrap. Watch real football man. The only league in the world worth watching is the Premier League. I say that even though I’m Italian. Sorry about my great english.

  6. ricci says:

    some good questions but regardless of what was asked the PES team were never going to disclose much to us.I would have asked if they were going to release pes 2009 on the PS2 again because im a Gipo and I stink and have not got enough money for a next-gen console

  7. rui says:

    wow… another letdown.
    no real answers, they could have programmed a computer to say the same.
    as empty as pes2008

  8. Patric says:

    I admit, put Morocco in the game, they played 2-2 against France, they won with 4-1 against Belgium and this is fresh results.

  9. pozmu says:

    Nice question, but answers simply sucks…

    Morocco… well, I know Mustapha Hadji, he was really good! And I think I heard about Marouane Chamakh.

    Bob: lol. English league is good, but there othere good leagues too, Spanish, Italian… well, that’s all for me ;)