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If like me you have downloaded games from the Wii Shop Channel then you may have noticed that the internal 512MB’s of flash storage inside the Wii doesn’t take that long to fill up. When you fill up your Wii System with too many games you’ll have to free up space before you can spend any more Wii Points. At this point you only have two options; delete some games or copy them to a SD Card. Now the Nintendo shop channel is intelligent and any games you delete from your system can be redownloaded anytime without having to pay for them again, however you’ll still run into a storage crisis and end up having to delete your newer games to redownload your older ones.

As your Nintendo Wii has an SD Memory Card slot your best bet is to purchase a 2GB SD Memory Card and move your game flies onto it to free up some space. We think using SD Cards to manage your Wii memory is the best solution because your files are kept locally and you can move them about whenever you want. What happens if the Wii Shop Channel is closed for maintenance? That’s right; you’ll not be able to access your games library until its open again. Don’t forget that redownloading uses up extra internet bandwidth and if you are on a capped package, saving every megabyte can be very helpful to avoid those over usage charges.

As you may have heard, the Wii securely encrypts digital Wii games and channels and this process adds extra time to the copy process, this makes for unusual results across SD Cards as they’re generally designed for digital photos, not encrypted and compressed games. We’ve tried many SD Memory Cards over the last few months but have found only one to be consistently fast when copying from the Wii and copying back to the Wii. The SanDisk Extreme III with its ESP technology has a minimum speed of 20MB’s a second and its 2GB Flash capacity is four times that of the Wii itself. You could easily fit hundreds of Virtual Console or WiiWare games onto this SD flash card as well as backups of your Wii game saves if you want to protect your game progress from accidental deletion or corruption. You may see cheaper SD Cards on the market but their poor quality flash memory means slow transfers and even the risk of data loss. We can’t recommend the SanDisk Extreme 3 SD Card for Wii highly enough.

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  1. Andy says:

    r u 100% sure that this works on Wii???

  2. I sure am – got one in my Wii right now.