Wii DVD playback rumour

If you haven’t heard about it already, the people behind the Guinness Book of Records have put together a special 2008 Gamers Edition of the popular reference book. I picked one of these up at the shops last week and found it a darn good read. It’s full of facts and records about gaming since its very beginnings right up until the present day (well, when it was compiled if you want to be exact about it).

Being a typical Nintendo fanboy I went straight to the pages about the Wii and DS first; on the specification listings for the Wii it clearly states that it is compatible with a whole host of DVD types and well as Audio CD’s. Will Wii play DVD? We all know at the moment the Wii refuses to play anything but Wii or Gamecube discs but could DVD and CD playback be coming our way via a firmware update or new Wii channel soon?

Earlier in the year we did hear rumblings about a Wii 2.0 featuring Wii DVD drive playback powered by Sonic Solutions, but it would be crazy for Nintendo to release a new hardware revision (look what it’s done for Microsoft and Sony), perhaps this partnership is just for the software which maybe downloadable very soon.

Obviously I would generally mark something like this down to simple inaccuracy by the writers but the Guinness Book of Record researchers are usually very thorough and I would doubt that they attempted to get Wii spec details from anyone else other than Nintendo themselves. So could we be seeing Wii DVD and Wii CD playback in the near feature? I certainly hope so.

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2 Responses

  1. Glyn says:

    That woulden’t be possible
    yes the wii has a dvd drive and can read dvd videos on a modded version but the cd drive would die out alot faster. its not meant for videos

  2. T-O says:

    Glyn, thats ssimply not true, I know because I am constantly playing my wii day in day out, and I have not had to send it in once[except the time i made the wii fall over onto its side and the drive machinism’s broked xD]