My Zoo Release Date

This September straight from Hudson Software who brought us My Aquarium comes My Zoo to our Nintendo Wii’s via WiiWare. Many people criticized My Aquarium for being a glorified screensaver but deep down there was a bit more content, some of it being quite educational to be found if you actually looked for it. So this time around My Zoo takes things to the next level and we’re treated to a much more interactive experience.

As the title suggests My Zoo let’s you run your very own Zoo on your Wii, initially there are eight animals to care including lions, pandas, zebras, and elephants. Apparently there will be more animals to download at a later date, no mention if this will be free or paid DLC or not just yet. Everything you’d expect from running a Zoo is here; Feeding, Caring, Entertaining and even family friendly Breeding.

So if you fancy attempting to run your own Zoo without having to clean up the mess then for just 500 Nintendo Points; My Zoo for Wii looks a nice title for younger kids and casual game lovers. The My Zoo release date is September and we hope to bring you a My Zoo review very soon.

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