The Incredible Hulk review

I haven’t seen the new The Incredible Hulk movie, partly due to the fact that I found the Ang Lee one really boring and partly because I’m not sure why we need another movie. Well, another film means another official videogame – but what is there to do with the big green bogeyman that hasn’t already been done?

Once again this game puts you in a free environment similar to the Ultimate Destruction game. This time you’re in the Big Apple as you play loosely through the plot of the movie and do lots of other missions along the way. Just find the icon on the map and press a button to activate the mission. Completing missions and other objectives gives you more points and new abilities with which to smash stuff up with. Standard punches and grabs will do for most enemies but you can also fill up your rage meter by smashing stuff up and go proper ballistic on your approaching enemies.

And smash things up you do – a lot. Everything in the game can be destroyed and it’s great fun leaping from building to building, picking up taxis and throwing them at people, or picking up people and throwing them at other people. If Nico Bellic from GTA 4 were big and green, he’d be in this game.

Unfortunately, it’s just not quite as much fun as Ultimate Destruction. You can’t rip taxis in half or surf down the street on buses, which is a great shame. You can however knock down buildings and there are ones dotted round the city which give you a special token for doing so – you’re like an incredibly angry tourist at times.

When it comes to presentation the game really doesn’t look like it’s playing on a next-gen console – I’ve been playing it on the 360. The Hulk has quite a bit of detail but even characters in cut scenes look a bit ropey and Tim Roth and Edward Norton providing the voices of the main characters sound like they really couldn’t be bothered.

In all it’s a pretty average action adventure game based on a movie. It’s not terrible and it’s always fun smashing stuff up – especially when it’s as fluid as this. An average game gets an average score so The Incredible Hulk video game gets 5 out of 10.

The Incredible Hulk review

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  1. Kyle says:

    Hmm i hated this game, haha. The ultimate destruction game on the PS2 is still brilliant fun to play even in this gen of gaming. If anyone is thinking of picking this up just watch reviews like this then go play the PS2 version, its much better.